Here we are discussing Ancient times fishing history and culture. Angling or Fishing is an old practice. That goes back in any event to the Upper Paleolithic time frame. Which started around 40,000 years agoIsotopic examination of the skeletal survives from Tianyuan man. He is a 40 thousand-year-old to present-day humans from eastern Asia. Also. it has demonstrated that he routinely consumed freshwater fish as food.  Moreover, archeological highlights, shell middens, disposed fish bones, and cave canvases demonstrate ocean foods were critical and important for survival.  And devoured in noteworthy amounts.

Amid this period, a great many people carried on with a hunting and gathering way of life. And were of need, continuously on the move. Be that as it may, where there are early instances of lasting settlements. However, not really for all the time involved. For example, Lepenski Vir is quite often connected with angling or fishing as a prime source of food or nourishment.

Paleolithic times Spear angling or fishing with harpoons (barber poles) spreads in Southern France. Besides, the Cosquer cave contains cave art over 16 thousand years old. Moreover, it includes drawings of seals that seem to have been harpooned.

Between 4,000 and 8,000 (four to eight thousand) years ago. Neolithic culture and technology spread worldwide. Also. the new technologies of farming and pottery became basic forms of the main fishing methods. These technologies are still used today.

California Coast’s Ancient times fishing history

They used to engage in fish hunting or catching with Gorge Hook and Line. They used these from 7.5 thousand to 3 thousand years ago. Also, some tribes knew to use plant toxins. To use torpor in-stream fish to enhance their gather.

“Seafaring Harappans” was the name of Copper harpoons. It is good for antiquity. Aboriginal inhabitants of India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands first-age hunters in India. That includes Mincopie people. They used harpoons with long cord-lines for fishing or angling since early times. In India’s Ancient times fishing history.

Neolithic Culture & Technology used worldwide. It used from eight thousand to four thousand years ago. However, these new technics of farming and pottery. It became the basics foundation of the main angling or fishing methodologies. Also, we are still using it.

However, Ancient times fishing history states that times cultures also. The Natives of the West Coast were known to engage in fishing with Gorge Hook and Line Tackle. They used if from 7 thousand to 3 thousand years ago (B.C). Here the West Coast includes the western seaboard of the United States. From Washington to southern California. Furthermore, here certain tribes knew to use plant toxic. To prompt fatigue or sleepiness, in river fish or steam fish to allow their catch.

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